Ostrovit UK Supplements

Ostrovit UK mission

We aim to provide the UK market with Ostrovit products that are aiming to deliver:

Supplements that work

Our priority is to create products that exceed our customers expectations, which is why our products, will noticeably help you to support your health and supplement your diet.

Proven ingredients

We independently test our products in accredited laboratories. You can be sure that the composition and ingredients complies with the official declaration on the label.


Every day we check the prices on raw materials in world markets to make sure that our offer remains the best. We are known for the best prices.

We are Ostrovit UK

We manufacture the highest quality food supplements in Europe. For more than 10 years our brand has gained a lot of fans in Poland and across Europe, our products are sold in over 40 countries. We are convinced that each dose of our product is the best testimonial for us. We aim to exceed the customer requirements for both sportsmen and people who want to remain healthy. We are constantly adapting and striving for perfection!

For whom Ostrovit products in UK?

It doesn't make a difference if you do strength training or train for endurance sports or if you exercise occasionally. Whether you want to support your physical training or simply improve your diet. We created our product line in such way that everyone will find something for them. You will find a wide range of products, which includes: food supplements, well known and valuable nutrients for sportsmen, fat burners, rich sets of vitamins and minerals, tasty peanut butters, coconut and MCT oils, vegan products for the most demanding customers.