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Vitamin D3 400 IU Baby spray 30 ml

Vitamin D3 400 IU Baby spray 30 ml

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OstroVit Vitamin D3 400 IU Baby spray 30 ml

OstroVit Vitamin D3 400 IU Baby spray is a liquid dietary supplement, designed for the youngest family members. One dose represents only 400 IU, which is a recommended daily intake of vitamin D3 in children aged up to 0,5. Additionally, the product is rich in vitamin E which secures the child’s organism against free radicals, supports the eyesight, and protects the vascular system.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Vitamin D3 400 IU Baby

  • BABY DOSE – Our spray has been designed for babies. A minimum dose of 400 IU can be served to babies from their first days of life, regardless of the feeding method. For babies born before the 32nd week of pregnancy, a recommended intake is 800 IU.
  • COMBINATION OF VITAMIN D AND E – Aside from vitamin D, the supplement is also rich in vitamin E. The latter serves to boost your baby’s immunological system.
  • SUPPORT FOR BONE GROWTH – If regularly served to the baby, vitamin D allows you to take care of proper growth of its bones and teeth, and prevent development of rickets.
  • HANDY DISPENSER – Using our supplement, you can be sure that the amount of vitamins you serve to your baby remains unchanged. As for children who have no teeth yet, the spray is the most convenient solution.
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